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Kill coronavirus Infection Control from Sanixa

Sanixa uses the very latest electrostatic technology, combined with the most effective, EPA approved virucide to implement a total disinfection regime for your workplace.

The Sanixa Workplace Infection Control service uses a virucide included on the recent EPA approved list for the effective elimination of bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19.)

Our state of the art electrostatic spray equipment is currently being used in over 40 Countries and is an effective method in treating the coronavirus (COVID-19) and combating sickness in the workplace.

Health At Work

Sanixa Infection Control

Your workplace, and the health, safety and trust of your employees and guests are of supreme importance. Our comprehensive Infection Control Service ensures that every part of your facility is protected. Quickly. Efficiently. Safely.

Infection Control from Sanixa

1-Minute Kill Rate

We use only the most effective, EPA approved, virucides that eliminate bacteria and viruses in as little as 1 minute.

Proven effective against pathogens including Coronavirus, Flu, MRSA, Strep, Staph, and E Coli.

Infection Control from Sanixa


Our electrostatic equipment, used by our trained technicians, fully covers the areas being treated.

Typical sanitization techniques - fogging and wiping - cannot reach all high-surfaces, allowing pathogens to remain untouched in hard to reach places.

Infection Control from Sanixa

Professional, Trained Technicians

Our professional, trained technicians are experienced in disinfection techniques and application.

We use the latest electrostatic technology to ensure your workplace is effectively and thoroughly.

Infection Control from Sanixa


Our EPA approved virucide delivers fast acting, broad spectrum disinfection that is non-toxic and human-friendly while being gentle on surfaces.

Infection Control from Sanixa

Trust & Security

Your employees, visitors and customers can be assured that you take their health, safety, and security seriously.

Implementing our Sanixa Infection Control program lets you concentrate on your core business, knowing your workplace is safe & healthy.

Our Service Areas

Infection Control from Sanixa
Infection Control from Sanixa
Infection Control from Sanixa
Infection Control from Sanixa
Infection Control from Sanixa
Infection Control from Sanixa
Kill coronavirus Infection Control from Sanixa

Trust Us, We Verify...

The state-of-the-art technology we use verifies the effectiveness of our infection control procedures, to ensure we can kill coronavirus in the workplace. We monitor pre-treatment and post-treatment viral levels to verify the efficacy of our disinfection service.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

Who We Work With


Offices, retail, hospitality, places of worship, call centers, entertainment...


Hospitals, doctor offices, veterinarians, outpatient facilities, pharmacies...


Schools (K-12), colleges, universities, trade schools, daycare...

Care Homes

Nursing homes, assisted living, daycare, long & short term facilities...


Factories, warehouses, distribution centers, laboratories...

Personal Services

Spas, nail and hair salons, tanning, massage, groomers...

Your Health and Safety are Our First Priority

Kill Coronavirus with Sanixa Infection Control Service

Sanixa's Infection Control Service is effective on desks, workstations, cubicles, breakrooms, or any non-porous surface in Offices, Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Churches, Restaurants etc.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is documented to live for up to 9 days on a surface, and the risk to employees and visitors remains while these workplace areas are untreated.

Our handheld cordless equipment with electrostatic technology ensures complete even coverage of the surfaces treated, even in hard to reach areas in your workplace.

Why is it Important?

While hand washing can mitigate the spread of infectious diseases, pathogens may persist on hard surfaces such as workstations, desks, phones etc.

Working in open office environments, such as call centers or cubicles, where sneezing and coughing can spray these droplets onto surrounding surfaces, the risk for infection transmission may be more likely.

We use the latest electrostatic technology to ensure your workplace is effectively and thoroughly disinfected.

Our Comprehensive Facility Support Services

In Addition to Industry-Leading Infection Control, we also provide the following Facility Support Services

Health At Work
Sanixa - Health at Work

Restroom Hygiene

The CDC has recognized that restroom hygiene and the safe disposal of sanitary waste is a critical focus in the fight against the spread of bacteria and virus, like the novel coronavirus.

Restrooms can be a significant source of cross-infection, with a recent study showing that pathogens – including coronavirus – can be present in bodily waste for up to 30 days.​

Sanixa Sanitary Disposal Service

  • Hands-free operation ensures no cross contamination from user to user, and enhanced protection against coronavirus transmission
  • Reduces blockages and plumbing costs, reduces odors and negative facility perception
  • Replaces open, overflowing bins, presenting a professional and hygienic environment
  • Biodegradable granules in each unit eliminates offensive odor
  • Each unit exchanged with a freshly sanitized replacement on every service visit

Other services offered include: Odor neutralizers, hands-free hand sanitizers and soap dispensers, urinal mats.

Sanixa - Health at Work

Specialized Cleaning Services

Consistent, reliable service, tailored to your individual facility's needs and specifications, are delivered by professional staff, with experience in all areas of commercial cleaning and sanitization.

We provide comprehensive specialized support services that include:

  • Deep Cleaning – tile and grout, walls and hi-touch surfaces.
  • Regular scheduled cleaning/day porters
  • Air quality and workspace health – ceiling vent cleaning; detailed workstation sanitization
  • High-Heat Pressure Washing – In addition to maintaining the  image of your facility, high-heat pressure washing can safeguard against contamination from exterior foot-traffic.
Sanixa - Health at Work

Ambient Scenting Service

Our Ambient Scenting service provides consistent fragrancing to create an enhanced experience for your customers and employees.  

Like music or decor, ambient scent can be an essential component of your brand image and expression.

Our ambient scenting and odor enhancement systems include:

  • Advanced ambient scenting machines
  • High quality fragrance refills
  • Regular service and replenishment by our trained technicians

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