Infection Control in the Workplace

Effective Workplace Infection Control for Coronavirus COVID-19

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Safe, Effective Infection Control

Sanixa is pleased to offer our workplace infection control service to help combat the spread of sickness in the workplace.

The Sanixa Workplace Infection Prevention & Elimination service (SWIPE) uses a virucide included on the recent EPA approved list for the effective elimination of bacteria and viruses, including the novel coronavirus (COVID-19.)

Our state of the art electrostatic spray equipment is currently being used in over 40 Countries and is an effective method in combating cross-contamination, leading to sickness in the workplace.

What Our Service Does

In addition to detailed cleaning, our service is effective on desks, workstations, cubicles, breakrooms, or any non-porous surface in Offices, Healthcare, Education, Industrial, Churches, Restaurants etc.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is documented to live for up to 9 days on a surface, and therefore the risk to employees and visitors remains while these workplace areas are untreated.

Our handheld cordless equipment with electrostatic technology ensures complete even coverage of the surfaces treated, even in hard to reach areas in your workplace.

Why is it Important?

While hand washing can mitigate the spread of infectious diseases, the virus may persist on hard surfaces such as workstations, desks, phones etc.

Working in open office environments, such as call centers or cubicles, where sneezing and coughing can spray these droplets onto surrounding surfaces, the risk for infection transmission may be more likely.

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